Thursday, October 28, 2010

Designer's Inspiration

I used to think that the modern theme was the most appealing type of interior design to me. I didn't like anything rustic or old fashioned. But the more i look into different styles the more i am really starting to like this look!
                                      I love these bathtubs!


Most of the stuff with this style in paricular is all based on very neutral colors. It looks very earthy and brings a calming feeling and a lot of light into the rooms.


      A lot of these pictures are from Cottage Living, they are so cute and cozy looking!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Design Legend: Elsie De Wolfe


          "I was an ugly child and I lived in an ugly age." These were the words written by Elsie in her memoirs. She believed that she lacked in her aesthetic appeal and eventually used it to her advantage. Else did not have traditional beauty so she made it her goal to make the world more beautiful. And she did just that. Elsie quit her acting career after 40 years and left the stage to be an interior decorator. She grew up in the victorian era and used this as the center of her decorating themes. With a distinctive style, lavish materials, goddy paterns and light colors it was still kept simple and practical, letting as much light in the rooms as possible. She quickly became known as one of the first female interior decorators and brought light to this as a career. Then in 1926 she married a man known as Sir Charles Mendl and was then after referred to as Lady Mendl. After becoming quite successful in her journey, elsie wrote a book called, 'A House in Good Taste' that was published in 1935. Her book entailed a mixture of her interior decorating kowledge and excerpts about her personal life. Elsie was not only creative in the home decorating aspect but in her fashion sense as well. She was famous for always wearing three strands of pearls and was named one of the best dressed women in the world in 1935 by Paris experts. And though Elsie De Wolfe has been dead for half a century she still remains remarkably known for her style to this day.