Thursday, November 18, 2010

Could have been better!

Take a look at this room... 


I think it really was going in the right direction but seemed to have taken a turn for the worst when choosing the color scheme. Yellow and purple...come on! Maybe as small accent colors, yes. Not big purple couchs and yellow chairs and lamps though. Ew. Also, the walls are too plain. The architecture is great in my opinion with lots of windows for natural light. But what's a nicely structured home without good interior to match?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My inspiration for the week

         My neices were my inspiration this week. I took them to a place called the art barn studio where you can paint ceramics and make lots of different types of crafts. My youngest neice who is 2 and had no idea what she was doing painted a cute little tooth shaped box for when the tooth fairy comes. She used soft colors like light blue, purple and pink. Much like these rooms:



(i love this room!)

My other neice who is 6 had a little bit better handle on her painting. She used a ceramic unicorn and painted it with different shades of blues, browns and some green. Sort of like these rooms: